About The Carpool

You were not born a soccer parent.

Nothing you’ve done so far has prepared you for appropriate sideline behavior. No choir concert, dance recital, school play, scout meeting, bar mitzvah, or honor roll assembly was sufficient training for the moment when your kid would be blasting down the field, ball at his feet, snaking through opponents as he makes his way toward the goal box. Whether he looks up, leans in, and rockets the ball past the keeper and into the net to win the game, or whether a kid from the other team barrels into him, knocks him down, steals the ball, and convinces the ref that your kid committed a foul, you will not be ready to meet the person who suddenly inhabits your body.

Fortunately, you’re not the first parent to experience this transformation. Carpool Confidential exists to help you ease into it and let you know that you are not the only adult who’s purchased clothes just because they’re in your kid’s team colors, developed a hernia trying to get her to the game on time, or spent an hour composing a “quick text” to the coach. And you won’t be the last. Once you join the Carpool and figure it out, it’s your turn to pass it on and tell the rest.

About Karen

In between driving to practices, games, tournaments, and urgent care, Karen works as a copywriter.

She’s spent the last 25 years helping corporations, non-profits, brands of all sizes, and executives figure out what they want to say and how they need to say it — via websites, apps, email, blogs, video scripts, brochures, booklets, and magazine articles. But she’d much rather write about parenting kids who play soccer. So here we are.

Seasons of soccer parenting

Games with a kid on the field
(or the bench)


Dinners arranged
around practice


Trips around the earth in
equivalent carpooling miles