Why sports parents need to win

Originally posted on I Love To Watch You Play   You’ve seen these parents on the sidelines. The shriekers. The jumpers. The heavy clappers. The fist-pumpers. Sure, they annoy you, but what if you’d be happier being more like them? I know, I know. It’s just a game. They’re only

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3 Ways You Win When Your Kid’s Sport Runs Your Life

Originally written for and published on I Love To Watch You Play. You may hear that youth sports are bad for kids, families, pets, friends, finances, and free time. But let me tell you who’s cashing in big. Me. Thanks to my kids’ soccer schedules, I can’t spend my weekend

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Top 10 dinner spots for tournament weekends

For busy sports families, weekend tournaments are sometimes as close as it gets to vacation. And just like any other trip, food plays a big role. But with tight game schedules and unfamiliar cities, finding a good meal can be tricky. Check out these reliable dinner spots.  The shaved ice

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Driving is the new dinner in youth sports

Originally written for and published on I Love To Watch You Play I’m not sure who we have to thank for putting The Family Dinner on an Everest-sized pedestal, but I’ve got a club soccer schedule I’d like to show them. Sure, having the whole family sitting around the kitchen

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Tips for managing stress at your kid’s soccer game

Chew gum Pace “Watch” from car Pick a fight with spouse for breathing too loud Look up your ex on social media Check email Check work email Spend quality time in the portajohn Read your diary out loud Make origami crane out of empty bottle of water Think about everything

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