Top 10 dinner spots for tournament weekends

For busy sports families, weekend tournaments are sometimes as close as it gets to vacation. And just like any other trip, food plays a big role. But with tight game schedules and unfamiliar cities, finding a good meal can be tricky. Check out these reliable dinner spots. 

  1. The shaved ice truck at the field
  2. The gas station next to the freeway on-ramp
  3. The Starbucks grab-n-go cooler
  4. The sports bar that’s “walking distance” from the hotel, across a 4-lane intersection
  5. The cereal dispensers and 24/hr coffee station in the hotel lobby
  6. The checkout line at Dick’s when you’re picking up cleats because he left his at home
  7. Your glove compartment
  8. The outside pocket of your purse
  9. The bottom of your purse
  10. The vending machine in the ER



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