Author: Karen Scholl

People to Avoid at Soccer Games

Just like choosing a table in the middle school cafeteria or picking a line at the grocery store, deciding where to sit at your kid’s soccer game may feel like a game of chess. In reality, it’s more like spinning the roulette wheel. Nevertheless, steering clear of a few specific

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Parenting rite of passage: The Carpool

Discovering the joy of the carpool is a major parenting milestone. I hated it when I was a kid. I was appalled by the idea in early adulthood. But just like naps, leftovers, and getting carded, eventually I changed my mind about the carpool, too.  I may complain all day

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Nutritional Supplements for Soccer Parents

Like all high-endurance sports, soccer requires a lot from your body. You will drive more loops around the interstate than all the parents of all the colicky babies. You will organize, coordinate, arrange, plan, schedule, reschedule, and then reschedule again at speeds you didn’t know you were capable of. You

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